• Role:UX Design
  • Tech:Adobe XD
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I designed a mobile app that allows users to find local concerts quicker and more easily so they can spend their time enjoying music and building community.

The Problem

Music fans looking to see up-and-coming acts in small venues have to check various social media platforms, blogs, mailing lists, weekly papers and venue websites. There’s no single platform they can use to keep track of everything they’re interested in, which is a huge time drain.

The Solution

ShowFinder offers fans integrate show listings from social media and conventional listings, deep search options, and allows them to save lists of favorite bands and upcoming shows.

Tapable Prototype



Every product should be a marriage between the needs of the owner and the user. To start out, I set out to find out who these folks are and what they need.

research deliverables

Analysis & Synthesis

I distilled the insights gained from my user surveys into a User Persona -- someone whose shoes I can put myself in while creating solutions.

user persona


Next, I began brainstorming solutions. Letting my creativity take the wheel, I churned out ideas for features and scribbled countless possible user flows and wireframes.

Interaction Design

I filtered through these possibilities through the eyes of our user, and mapped out application, with routes the user would take to achieve the primary tasks. From there, I knew which screens to design.

User Flows

user flows

Wire Frames


Visual Design

final screens pattern library

Next Steps

Let's make this app a reality! If you're a fan, musician, work in the music industry, or are a developer, let's chat!